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What are the team benefits?

Health insurance, Dental insurance, Vision insurance, and more
The SCSO offers 3 levels of comprehensive health insurance to full-time employees including optional plans that cover eligible dependents. Full-time employees can also choose from three dental plans for themselves and eligible dependents, and also vision coverage, both at an additional charge. There are also optional Metlife insurance policies that offer accident, hospitalization and critical iIlness coverage at additional cost to the employee.

Paid Time Off and Holidays
The Sheriff’s Office personal time off (PTO) program is used for both sick and vacation leave. Full-time employees accrue 200 PTO hours per year. The amount of leave accrued by the employee increases over time based on the length of service with the agency. Additionally, full-time employees receive 10 paid holidays, including a paid day off for the employee’s birthday.

Educational Assistance
The SCSO Educational Assistance Program is designed to financially assist full-time employees in good standing who have completed their initial new hire probationary period who are pursuing college-level courses affiliated with attainment of a college-level degree (i.e. Associates, Bachelors, Graduate Certificate, Masters, Professional Graduate and Doctoral). The program provides up to a $3,000 annual allowance on a reimbursement basis for college-level courses that are affiliated with attainment of a college-level degree.

Deferred Compensation
Sheriff’s Office employees can opt to participate in a Nationwide 457(b) deferred compensation plan which allows employees to put aside pre-tax money from each paycheck toward retirement. Contributions are tax-deferred, meaning employees don’t pay income taxes on the contributions or earnings until they retire and/or begin to take payments from the account. An after tax Nationwide Roth contribution plan is also available.

Medical Flexible Spending Account
SCSO offers a Medical Flexible Spending Account that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for various, qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses. That account can pay for medical expenses that the employee or the employee’s dependents incur even if they are not enrolled in SCSO’s health insurance plan.

Life and Disability Insurance
Life insurance, as well as accidental death and dismemberment insurance, is provided to full-time employees at no cost. It is paid out at one times the employee’s annual salary. Optional employee, spouse, and/or child life insurance coverage is also available at additional cost to the employee. Full-time employees also automatically receive membership in a temporary disability bank as well as employer paid long-term disability with buy-up option available. Sworn and certified personnel are provided with additional line-of-duty death benefits.

Veterans’ Assistance
Eligible veterans who are in training as deputy sheriffs, detention deputies, or communications specialists are eligible to receive compensation of up to $1,000 per month through the GI Bill.

Retirement Plans
The SCSO participates in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) which offers two outstanding plans for employees: the Pension Plan and the Investment Plan. Employees contribute a small percentage of their salaries towards the plan and the Sheriff’s Office also makes a contribution to the plan. Both part-time and full-time positions are eligible to participate. More details on the plans can be found at www.myfrs.com.

The Pension Plan is a traditional retirement pension plan. The employee contributes a small percentage of their salary towards the plan and the employer also contributes an amount. Employees retire after reaching a certain number of years of service at any age, or after reaching a pre-designated age with a minimum number of years of service. The benefit an employee receives at retirement is a formula based on the employee’s age, FRS membership class, years of FRS service, and an average of the highest years of salary. The State Board of Administration invests all Pension Plan assets. At retirement, payments are made in monthly installments which are guaranteed for the employee’s lifetime.

The Investment Plan is a 401(k)-type retirement investment plan. The employee contributes a small percentage of their salary towards the plan and the employer also contributes an amount. The employee decides how to invest the funds by selecting from the Plan’s list of fund and choosing how to invest the account balance. The benefits an employee receives are based on the account balance, which depends on the amount of money the employee and the employer have contributed and the investment earnings of the funds selected, minus any fees or expenses charged by those funds. At retirement, the account balance can be paid in a number of ways, including a lump sum, a roll-over to another qualified plan, a customized payment schedule, lifetime guaranteed payments, or any combination of these.

Wellness Center
Employees are provided with access to a wellness center that has treadmills, free weights and stationary bicycles. There is no charge to access the Center.

Civil Service
Non-Probationary Classified Service employees are entitled to certain rights under the Civil Service Act. For more information please see the Civil Service Law and the Civil Service Rules of Procedure. Please note that not all positions within the Seminole County Sheriff Office are considered Classified Service Positions.

Note: Information on employee benefits are current as of August 2021.
Applicants are encouraged to confirm benefit details prior to accepting employment.

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