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Crime Prevention

Business Security Assessments
SCSO also provides free on-site security assessments, providing businesses with site-specific safety tips on how to reduce the risk of robbery or burglary. SCSO also provides safety training for employees at no cost. Please e-mail us at crimeprevention@seminolesheriff.org to request an assessment or training.

Business Watch
Modeled after Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch takes the “neighbors looking out for neighbors” concept to the commercial level, creating a partnership among businesses, law enforcement and others that represent business interests. Each business is provided with a Sheriff’s Office decal that warns criminals that the business is part of an active watch community, and is used to contact business owners in case of an after-hours emergency. Please e-mail us at crimeprevention@seminolesheriff.org to request a decal and learn more.

Guest Speaker
The Sheriff's Office will supply trained and certified Crime Prevention Practitioners to address your group or organization to educate them about crime prevention and how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Hands-on safety devices and informational material will be displayed for the audience. Deputies will show you ways to reduce crime, how crime prevention can improve the quality of life in neighborhoods and ways to promote better communication between your community and law enforcement. Please complete the form found here to request a speaker.

Home Security Assessment
At your request a Certified Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner will conduct a free and confidential security check of your residence. We’ll assess all areas of your home, including items such as lighting, alarm systems, locks, doors, windows, and landscaping. Assessments are approximately 45 minutes long and are scheduled at your convenience. At the conclusion, we’ll discuss our findings and provide you with written recommendations on how to make your home a harder target for burglars. Please e-mail us at crimeprevention@seminolesheriff.org to request a home security assessment.

House Watch
Going out of town? Let us check on your property while you’re away with our free House Check program.

Join Nextdoor.com
Nextdoor.com allows neighbors the opportunity to create a trusted, private neighborhood website where they can interact by asking questions, exchanging local advice, making recommendations, and discussing their community concerns. The Sheriff’s Office often uses Nextdoor to update residents about crime trends in specific neighborhoods, and to share information on events and programs. Learn more and register at www.nextdoor.com.

Neighborhood Watch Program
The Neighborhood Watch Program is a community notification system that encourages residents to take a proactive approach to crime by reporting suspicious activity. Sheriff’s deputies can provide information on how to set up a successful program in your neighborhood. Learn more by clicking here.

Weapon Safety and Storage Information
Whether it is guns, knives, pepper spray, or other weapons, we have a shared responsibility to make sure that they never get into the hands of the wrong people – especially children. We want to ensure that everyone is kept safe and take the responsibility of owning weapons and firearms seriously. Find out more information and resources available to Seminole County residents.

For more information on these services or to set up an appointment please contact the Specialized Services, Crime Prevention Unit at: 407-665-6880.

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