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Jail and Inmates FAQ

  1. Can I mail a care package to the inmate?
    Mail consisting of nonperfumed letters containing nothing other than 1 to 5 photographs no larger than 4 in. x 6 in., but no Polaroids, can be sent to inmates at their respective corrections facility John E. Polk Correctional Facility. To ensure the correct inmate receives the mail, include the inmate’s booking number on the front of the envelope. Any photographs containing nudity will not be issued to the inmate. Greeting cards may not be larger than 5 in. x 7 in. and may NOT be battery- or electronically-operated. Any mail that is perfumed or has glitter, stickers or contains any other form of contraband, to include stamps, envelopes or blank paper, will be returned to sender. Inmates are allowed to send mail out and are provided with pen, paper and envelopes if indigent. Mail is collected and disbursed daily. Read the entire Mailing or Bringing Items and Contraband page for more information.

  2. How can I send mail to an inmate?
    Please send all mail to:
    John Polk Correctional Facility
    Attn: (Inmate’s Name and Booking Number)
    211 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL 32773

  3. How can I give money to an inmate and know that he/she received it?
    Please see our Inmate Accounts page for instructions.

  4. How can I bond someone out of jail?
    The method of bonding someone out of jail is dependent upon the type of charges he or she was arrested on. A Bond must be paid in full and may be posted as a Cash Bond or Surety Bond (which requires a bonding agent). If the charge is a Civil Offense such as Child Support only a Cash Purge may be posted and it requires the amount of the bond to be paid in full. Payment can be in the form of cash or if paid by a cashier's check or money order it must be made out to Seminole County Sheriff's Office and you should note the Inmate's Name and Booking Number. For all other charges other than Child Support a cash or surety bond may be posted to bond the individual out of jail. When utilizing a Surety Bond you must contact a Bonding Agent. When you have fulfilled your obligation with the Bail Agent they will then present the necessary paperwork to the facility to initiate the release of the inmate. A list of Bonding Agents is posted in the main lobby at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. This information is also available utilizing your local yellow pages.

    As a correctional facility we are not allowed to provide any phone numbers or names of Bonding Agents that work within Seminole County.

  5. Can inmates receive telephone calls?
    Please see our Phone Accounts page for more details. Incoming calls or messages to the inmate will not be accepted. However inmates have access to telephones during the day and can only call you collect. In the case of a serious medical emergency or death within the inmate's family the chaplain may be notified and will handle all communications.

  6. How and when can I visit an inmate?
    Review our Inmate Visitation page for complete information on how, when, and where to visit an inmate. Car keys and a Photo I.D. are the only items which you are allowed to bring in with you during visitation. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Appropriate attire must be worn during visitation, any suggestive or clothing, see-through fabrics, shorts, mini-shirts and hats may not be worn. Failure to follow these rules or any of the guidelines will result in loss of visitation privileges for the visitor.

  7. I'm here to pick someone up, how long will it take?
    All releases have various factors which may impede the process. For example if an inmate has been to court and he is released by a Judge, the process cannot start until the paperwork authorizing the release is received by the booking department at the facility. Once the proper paperwork is received, then the inmates release will be processed as quickly as possible. If the inmate has been to Initial Appearance and was released, once again the release process will not start until the paperwork authorizing the release is received by booking. Court paperwork for both Regular Courts and Initial Appearance is received all at once and not in the order which a defendant was seen by a Judge.

    If a Cash Bond, Surety Bond or Cash Purge has been posted for release of an inmate, the process will be expedited as quickly as possible. Anyone that is being released from custody due to End of Sentence (EOS) will start exiting the facility shortly after 8:00 AM. Though there may be situations when a release may take several hours due to some extenuating circumstances, all efforts will be made to expedite the process.

  8. Can I bring in clothing and hygiene items for the inmate?
    Inmates are provided clothing for the duration of their incarceration. Upon classification, a packet consisting of a comb, toothbrush, soap, and toothpaste is provided to the inmate. Additionally, all feminine hygiene items will be available for female inmates. Items may be purchased by the inmate from the Commissary. In cases where an inmate is indigent some hygiene products and writing materials will be provided.

    If an inmate is going to appear in court and you wish to bring him/ her clothes for trial, you can deliver the Court Clothing 72 hours prior to the actual court date. These items may be dropped of at the main Control Room located at the main entrance to the facility.

    We do not provide a free deodorant.

  9. What if an inmate needs a doctor or dentist?
    There is a qualified Healthcare professional available at all times to respond to emergencies. The dentist makes on-site visits twice a week and doctor's sick call is held at each facility five times a week. In addition, a full compliment of nursing staff is always on duty to dispense medications and address any medical issue or question an inmate may have.

  10. I've been sentenced to "do time" on weekends, what do I do now?
    If you have been sentenced to do time on the weekends or have been court ordered to report to the jail on a specific day and time, ensure that you bring with you the copy of the court work and Photo Identification. Report to the main entrance of the facility at least 15 minutes prior to admission time specified on your court work.

  11. Can I bring or send reading and/or religious materials for the inmate?
    A supply of donated religious material and other reading material is available in the facility and will be provided to any inmate who makes a request to the Chaplain's Office. Any Religious or spiritual material donated to the Chaplain's Office will be dispersed randomly.

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