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Unsolved Homicides

Below are some of our unsolved homicides and cold cases. If you have information about any of these cases, please contact the Major Crime Unit at (407) 665-6600.

Name: Harold Bille
Date: February 19, 1973
Case Number: B-1045-73
Location: S.R. 436/Spring Oaks, Altamonte Springs
On February 19, 1973, the body of Harold Richard Bille, w/m 27 years of age, was located near a landfill in the area of Spring Oaks Blvd and S.R. 436, Altamonte Springs, Florida. Bille had been beaten with a blunt object. Investigators believe that he was killed at an unknown location and the suspect(s) transported him to site where he was found. Witnesses observed three men dump Bille’s body from a car, however due to the distance the witnesses were unable to provide a description of the vehicle.

Name: Patti Smith
Date: June 26, 1978
Case Number: F-3087-78
Location: 1206 Gay Street, Apopka
On June 26, 1978, the body of Patricia Lucille Smith, w/f 35 years of age, was located in her bedroom at 1206 Gay Street, Apopka, unincorporated Seminole County, Florida. Smith had been strangled and was found partially clothed, however the exact time/date of death was difficult to establish due to the amount of decomposition.
Name: Evelyn Dennis
Date: June 26, 1978
Case Number: F-3144-78
Location: 6111 Bear Lake Terrace, Apopka
On June 26, 1978, the body of Evelyne Rogers Dennis-Beske, w/f 35 years of age, was found floating face down in her swimming pool, located at 6111 Bear Lake Terrace in the Bear Lake are of Seminole County, Florida.
Name: Bernard Edwards
Date: October 4, 1978
Case Number: J-0452-78
Location: 6111 Bear Lake Terrace, Apopka
On October 4, 1978, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported home invasion at Hi-way “46” Nursery & Antiques, located at Rt. 1, Box 52A, West 1st Street, Sanford (now known as 3440 S.R. 46). Upon arrival, they found Bernard Edwards, w/m, 73 years of age, deceased inside the store. It was reported that two unknown masked individuals beat, robbed, and stabbed the victim. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head and a puncture wound.
Name: Sophia Miller
Date: January 3, 1980
Case Number: 80-01-0437
Location: 319 Hayman Street, Altamonte Springs
On January 3, 1980, the body of Sophia Miller, b/f 19 years of age, was found in a tub filled with water by a friend. Miller was partially clothed and the cause of death was drowning/asphyxia. Her two small children, ages 3 and 2, were in another room of residence at the time of the homicide.
Name: Georgia Crews
Date: April 16, 1980
Case Number:
Location: S.R. 600/Fernwood Blvd, Fern Park
On April 16, 1980, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office discovered the body of 12-year-old Georgia Crews behind the K-Mart Plaza on Highway 17-92 in Fern Park. Crews had been reported missing to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and was last seen alive April 8, 1980, shortly before she left on foot from her home in Montverde heading for a convenience store approximately a mile and a half away. She was stabbed to death.
Name: Joseph Bloyd
Date: July 9, 1980
Case Number: 80-07-1238
Location: Lake Sylvan Park, Sanford
On July 9, 1980, the body of Joseph Bloyd, w/m 36 years of age, was located at Lake Sylvan Park near a power line clearing. The body was in an advance stage of decomposition. Bloyd had been reported missing to the Casselberry Police Department by his father and was last seen on July 4, 1980. Bloyd’s motorcycle was located nearby. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.
Name: John Edwards, Jr
Date: July 9, 1981
Case Number:
Location: 93 Spartan Dr., Maitland
The victim, John Edwards, Jr., w/m 59 years of age, was found shot and killed after an apparent robbery attempt on July 9, 1981, at the Shop and Go convenience store which was located at 93 Spartan Drive in Maitland. Edwards was a clerk at the store.
Name: Russell Davidson Sr., Russell Davidson Jr., Garth McRae
Date: July 9, 1981
Case Number: 8201540157
Location: 173 Parsons Rd, Longwood
On June 3, 1982, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded to 173 Parsons Road in reference to an anonymous telephone call regarding a shooting at the residence. Upon arrival, they located the bodies of Russell “Rusty” Davidson Sr., w/m 36 years of age, his son, Russell “Jocko” Davidson Jr., w/m 12 years of age, and Garth McRae, w/m 33 years of age. All three died from gunshot wounds. The investigation revealed the homicide may have been drug related and that the suspect(s) possibly knew the victims. Davidson had been a drummer for the 1970’s blues-rock band Cactus.
Name: Crystal Brodie
Date: November 30, 1983
Case Number: 83-334-0124
Location: Lake Emma Rd, Lake Mary
On November 30, 1983, the partially clothed body of 56-year-old Crystal Brodie w/f was located by four teenagers who were walking in a wooded area off Lake Emma Road. Brodie had been reported missing and she was last seen leaving work on November 18, 1983. Her purse was located at a construction site in Longwood while her vehicle was located partially submerged in Boat Lake off Highway 17-92 in Longwood.
Name: Ora Lee Knight
Date: June 12, 1984
Case Number: 8401640036
Location: S.R. 46 / Longwood Markham Rd, Sanford
On June 12, 1984, the partially clothed body of Ora Lee Knight, b/f 42 years old, was found in a heavily wooded area off S.R. 46 near Longwood Markham Road. Knight had multiple skull fractures and died of blunt force trauma. She had been reported missing by her son and was last seen on June 5, 1984 at a bar off W. 13th Street in Sanford.

Name: Pamela Cahanes
Date: August 5, 1984
Case Number: 8402180014
Location: Riverview Ave, Sanford
On August 5, 1984, Seminole County deputies responded to Riverview Avenue, Sanford, in reference to a deceased female found on the side of the road. The victim was identified as Pamela Cahanes, w/f 25 years old. Cahanes was a Navy recruit stationed at the Navy Training Center in Orlando. Cahanes was found partially clothed and the cause of death was determined to be strangulation. She was last seen at the Mariners Club, which was located across the street from the base, the previous evening. Click here for more information and photos on this case.
Name: Charles Bott
Date: July 11, 1986
Case Number: 8601920051
Location: St. Johns River near Mullet Lake
On July 11, 1986, the body of 27 year old Charles Bott, w/m, was found floating face down in the St. John’s River near Mullet Lake Park by several fishermen. The cause of death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the head.
Name: Eveline Aguilar
Date: July 14, 1986
Case Number: 861950010
Location: 106 San Jose Apartments, Casselberry
On July 14, 1986, Eveline Aguilar, w/f 38 years old, was found deceased in her bedroom at 106 San Jose Apartments. She had been sexually assaulted and her throat severely lacerated.
Name: Dorothy Davidson
Date: August 11, 1986
Case Number: 86002230041
Location: 5339 Lanyard Ct., Winter Park
On August 11, 1986, Dorothy “Dotty” Davidson w/f, 39 years old (10-4-46), was reported missing from her residence, 5339 Lanyard Court, Winter Park, Seminole County. She was reported missing by her twin sister, Diane Davidson. Foul play is suspected. There has been no sign of Dotty since this date..
Name: William Neville
Date: September 16, 1986
Case Number: 862590021
Location: Randyard Road, Sanford
On September 16, 1986, the body of William Neville, w/m 53 years old, was discovered in a railroad car located in front of the old ice plant on Randyard Road in Sanford. He was located by a Seminole County Roads Division employee. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma.
Name: Herbert Meisner
Date: March 30, 1987
Case Number: 8700890008
Location: 2575 S.R. 536 (Semoran North Apartments)
On March 30, 1987, the body of Herbert Meisner, w/m 52 years of age, was located by the Seminole County Fire Department during their investigation of a suspicious odor at Semoran North Apartments, Building 900, Apartment 902. He died from a gunshot wound.
Name: Eddie Marshall
Date: November 17, 1987
Case Number: 8703210009
Location: C.R. 419, Winter Springs
On November 17, 1987, the body of Eddie Marshall, w/m 28 years old, was located near some trees at the baseball fields off C.R. 419 in Winter Springs. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head.
Name: Darryl Walker
Date: February 14, 1989
Case Number: 8900460002
Location: 1905 C.R. 427, Longwood
On February 14, 1989, the body of Darryl Walker, w/m 26 years of age, was found deceased in the parking lot of Lil’ Champ convenience store on C.R. 427 at General Hutchison Parkway. Walker was on the pay phone with a friend at approximately 11:25 p.m., when the friend heard what sounded like gunshots. The cause of death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the chest.
Name: Frank Debartolo
Date: July 10, 1989
Case Number: 890190015
Location: 5416 Albert Drive, Winter Park
On July 10, 1989, the body of Frank Debartolo, w/m 62 years of age, was found by his wife in the driveway of their home, located at 5416 Albert Drive, Winter Park. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.
Name: Basil Richardson
Date: September 22, 1990
Case Number: 9002650028
Location: 1243 North Street, Altamonte Springs
On September 22, 1990, the body of Basil Richardson, b/m 32 years old, was located by his landlord lying on the living room floor of the residence, located at 1243 North Street, Altamonte Springs. Richardson throat had been cut.
Name: Dianne Haynes
Date: August 26, 1990
Case Number: 9002380032
Location: Croom Road, Oviedo
On August 26, 1990, a man driving an all-terrain vehicle located the skeletonized remains of a woman in the woods off Aloma Avenue and Croom Road, east of Goldenrod. She had been dead four to six months. Four years later, the body was identified as that of Dianne Haynes, w/f 42 years of age. Haynes had been shot in the head at an unidentified location and dumped near a large oak tree.
Name: April Stone
Date: January 16, 1991
Case Number: 9100160026
Location: Painted Post Road, Sanford
On January 16, 1991, the body of April Stone, w/f 21 years old, was located off Painted Post Road in Sanford and had been wrapped in a blanket. She had been stabbed to death. Stone was last seen on January 14, 1991, walking along Old Dixie Highway in Apopka.
Name: Perry Cornelia
Date: September 27, 1992
Case Number: 9202710016
Location: 2590 Sweetwater Trail, Maitland
On September 27, 1992, Perry Cornelia, w/m 59 years old, was found deceased in the driveway of his home, located at 2590 Sweetwater Trail in Maitland. He was located by his son. Cornelia, who was the owner of House of Babes, a nude dance club in Fern Park, had been shot in the head.
Name: Elizabeth Doren
Date: January 22, 1994
Case Number: 9400220019
Location: Anchor Road, Altamonte Springs
On January 22, 1994, the body of Elizabeth “Lizzy” Doren, w/f 26 years old, was recovered from a ditch on Anchor Road, just north of S.R. 436 in Altamonte Springs. She was inside a cardboard box which had been sealed with duct tape. Doren was last seen alive on January 19, 1994, between 0530 and 0600 hours when she left her apartment, located at 1521 Americana Boulevard, Orlando, on foot.
Name: Sean Alexander
Date: February 19, 1994
Case Number: 940050054
Location: 800 Morse Street, Altamonte Springs
On February 19, 1994, three (3) unidentified black males committed a home invasion and robbery at 800 Morse Street in Altamonte Springs. During a struggle, the home owner, Sean Alexander, w/m 20 years old, was shot and killed. It appears that robbery was the motive.
Name: Gerald Key
Date: February 22, 1996
Case Number: 9600003487
Location: Orange Blvd/Dunbar Ave, Sanford
On February 22, 1996, the body of Gerald Key, b/m 37 years of age, was located in a wooded area off Orange Boulevard near the Port of Sanford. Key had been shot several times in the head.
Name: Dale Wilhelm
Date: December 15, 1996
Case Number: 9600024145
Location: Mullet Lake Park, Geneva
On December 15, 1996, Dale Wilhelm, w/m 36 years old, was found unconscious lying next to his vehicle at Mullet Lake Park, Geneva. He was transported to ORMC with severe injuries to his face and head. He later died as a result of his injuries. A witness stated he and Wilhelm were attacked by three unidentified males who beat and robbed them. These suspects have never been identified.
Name: Mark Ament
Date: March 8, 1997
Case Number: 199700005028
Location: 407 Evesham Pl., Longwood
On March 8, 1997, Mark Ament, w/m 40 years of age, was found murdered in the garage of his residence, 407 Evesham Place in Longwood. There was no sign of a break in or struggle at the residence and it did not appear that robbery was a motive.
Name: Jacqueline Sheehan
Date: April 20, 1998
Case Number: 199800008652
Location: North Street, Altamonte Springs
On April 20, 1998, the body of Jackie Sheehan, w/f 31 years old, was located in a wooded area off North Street in Altamonte Springs. It is believed that Sheehan was killed elsewhere and her body left at this location. Sheehan was last seen leaving her apartment in the Willow Springs Apartments located at 375 Palm Springs Drive at approximately 0145 hours on April 15, 1998, following an altercation with her live-in boyfriend.
Name: Jimmy Mudica
Date: February 12, 2006
Case Number: 200600001475
Location: Desoto Avenue, Altamonte Springs
On February 12, 2006, Jimmy Mudica, w/m 23 years old, and a friend traveled to the area of Desoto Avenue, Altamonte Springs, with the intention of purchasing drugs. Mudica was shot while seated in his vehicle by an unknown male. Click here for more information on this case.

Name: Michael Peisner
Date: September 28, 2006
Case Number: 200600009420
Location: 2467 Chicory Lane, Winter Park
On September 28, 2006, deputies from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded to Semoran North Apartments, Winter Park, in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival, Michael Peisner, w/m 25 years old, was found deceased in the dining/kitchen area as a result of a gunshot wound. Peisner’s girlfriend sustained non-life threatening injuries during the shooting. Click here for more information on this case.

Name: Kiera Banks
Date: November 16, 2007
Case Number: 200700011285
Location: 216 Stefanik Road, Winter Park
On November 16, 2007, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of 216 Stefanik Road in Winter Park in response to a report of gunfire. Upon arrival, they located Keira Banks, b/f 24 years old, unconscious in the doorway of her home. Banks died two days later from her injuries. Banks’ 2-year-old child was in the home at the time of the shooting. Witnesses reported seeing three or four black males fleeing the scene. Click here for more information on this case.


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