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Diversified Investigative Division

The Diversified Investigative Services Division is responsible for the investigation of complex, specialized crimes and augmenting law enforcement services with advanced technologies and support. The Division includes the Major Crimes Unit, City County Auto Theft Bureau, the Seminole Financial Crimes Task Force, the Technical Support Unit, the Digital Forensics Unit and the Victim Services Unit.

The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation of violent crime such as homicide, robbery with a firearm, carjacking, home invasion, missing and endangered people, unattended or suspicious death investigations, and other violent crimes.

The City County Auto Theft Bureau (CCAT) investigates all aspects of motor vehicle theft, including the secondary crimes of V.I.N. switching, unlawful disassembly and assembly of stolen motor vehicles and parts, insurance fraud, title fraud, interstate transportation of stolen motor vehicle, and organized criminal enterprises involving motor vehicle thefts. The CCAT Bureau is staffed by a sergeant and comprised of four Sheriff’s Office investigators, two Sanford Police Department investigators, and one Altamonte Springs Police Department investigator.

The Seminole Financial Crimes Task Force investigates complex cases including Internet fraud, computer crimes, counterfeit check groups, identity theft, and other advanced schemes to defraud. The Task Force is staffed by a sergeant and comprised of five Sheriff’s Office investigators, two Sanford Police Department investigators, one Altamonte Springs Police Department investigator, and one Casselberry Police Department investigator.

Investigators in the Technical Support Unit utilize modern technology such as video and audio surveillance devices to extend the sensory capabilities of law enforcement. Technical Support investigators are also responsible for installing and monitoring wireless video cameras during major public events. They provide other services such as video, audio, and graphics enhancement.

The Digital Forensics Unit augments criminal investigations by seizing, acquiring, examining, analyzing, and reporting digital evidence. Digital Forensics encompasses computers, mobile technologies, and other digital devices used in the commission of a criminal act. Members of the Digital Forensics Unit partner with the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Innocent Images Task Force. Digital Forensics Unit personnel receive specialized training and are required to be certified through the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).

Trained advocates in the Victim Services Unit of the Division provide a wide variety of assistance to crime victims. A coordinator, two full-time victim advocates, and a host of volunteers are responsible for providing statutory solutions, guidance, referrals for counseling, assisting victims of sexual battery or rape and domestic violence, and responding to crime scenes. The unit assists both the Sheriff’s Office and municipal Seminole County law enforcement.

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